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Shimizu, Toshihisa

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  • Biographical information

    • BS, MS, and PhD from Tokyo Metropolitan University in 1978, 1980, and 1991
    • 1980-1992: Fuji Electric Co, Ltd.,
    • 1992- : Tokyo Metropolitan University
    • 1998 : Visiting Professor at Virginia Polytechnique Institute and State University
    • IEEJ(Senior Member, I.A. Society Vice President),IEEE(Senior Member PELS Transactions Associate Editor, Japan Chapter Vice Chair)
    Specialized line
    picPower Electronics
    picHigh Power Density Converter Technology

    Power Converters, High-Frequency Converters, Renewable Energy Converters, EMI
    Loss Evaluation of Passive Components, SiC/GaN Application

    Major presented paper
    pic T. Shimizu, K. Wada, N. Nakamura, "Flyback-Type Single-Phase Utility Interactive Inverter with Power Pulsation Decoupling on the DC Input for an AC Photovoltaic Module System," IEEE Trans. on P.E., (in Printing)
    pic S. Iyasu, T. Shimizu, K. Ishii, "A Novel Inductor Loss Calculation Method on Power Converters Based on Dynamic Minor Loop," IEEJ Trans. on I.A., Vol. 126, No. 7, pp. 1028-1034, (2006)
    pic T. Hirao, T. Shimizu, M. Ishikawa, K. Yasui, "Discussion on Modulation Methods for Flyback-Type Single-Phase Inverters with Enhanced Power Decoupling for Photovoltaic AC Module Systems," IEEJ Trans. on I.A., Vol. 126, No. 4, pp. 504-510
    pic K.Tsuno, K. Ishii, T. Shimizu, "Comparison of Power Decoupling Characteristics of DC Ripple Energy on the Single-Phase Voltage Source PWM Rectifiers," Trans. on IEEJ IAS, Vol. 126, No. 1, pp. 64-73 (2006)(in Japanese)
    pic S. Inoue, K. Wada, T. Shimizu, "Control Methods and Compensation Characteristics of a Series Active Filter for Neutral Conductor," Electrical Engineering in Japan(Wiley), Vol. 155, No. 4, pp.53-63, (2006)
    pic T. Shimizu "A Novel Iron Loss Evaluation Method of the Filter Inductor used in the PWM Inverters," IEEJ Technical Meeting of Magnetics Application, MAG-06-09, pp.19-25 (2006)(in Japanese)
    pic T.Shimizu, K. Ishii, "An Iron Loss Calculating Method for AC Filter Inductors Used onPWM Inverters," IEEE PESC06 Conference Proceedings, pp. 2979-2985 (2006)
    pic K. Wada, T. Ishituka, T. Shimizu, "Reduction oc Conducted EMI on Parallel Operation for AC Module Inverters," Trans. on IEEJ IAS, Vol. 125, No. 10, pp. 911-918 (2005)(in Japanese)

    Circuit Theory
    Circuit Theory Exercise
    Powe Electronics
    Applied System Theory
    Freshers Seminar
    Electic Machine and Control(Advanced)